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A stay at Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay

The Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay offers a unique option of accommodation on the Loktak Lake. After all, it’s not like every day that one gets to stay on a homestay that floats. Its location on one of the ‘Phumdis’ or floating islands of the Loktak Lake means that the homestay is floating. Hence, spending two nights here ensures an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Besides, the best way to enjoy the magic of Loktak Lake is to stay right above it.

Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay
Staying on a homestay that floats, literally.

About the Floating Homestay:

The homestay was started by Mr.Ashok Sapamcha in 2017. From inception, his aim has been to develop sustainable tourism in Loktak Lake and promote local culture. In this way, he is also helping to create job opportunities for the locals. The homestay has been developed in such a way so as not to hamper the ecology and ecosystem of the vulnerable Loktak Lake. The cottages have been built with organic materials. Solar panels are used to generate electricity. Instead of motorboats, wooden canoes are used. The use of plastic is discouraged on the premises. Consequently, the homestay is a shining example of responsible tourism.

Location of Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay:

The Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay is situated right on the Loktak Lake. It is situated near Moirang town, in the district of Bishnupur. From Imphal, the distance of the lake is about 52 kilometers.

Cottages of Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay
Two of the pretty cottages at Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay

How to reach the Homestay:

  • By air: The nearest airport is Bir Tikendrajit International Airport of Imphal.
  • By train: There is no train connectivity in Manipur. The nearest railway station is Dimapur in Nagaland.
  • By road: On reaching Imphal, public buses and hired cabs can be availed to reach Moirang. From Moirang, tuk-tuks can be opted to reach Loktak Lake.
Kitchen area of Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay
Rest of the two cottages of floating homestay.

Rooms of Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay:

There are 4 cottages in the floating homestay. Reed and bamboo have been used to build the cottages. For thatching roofs, hay has been used. The rooms are fairly spartan. Other than neatly arranged beds on the floor, there are no other furnishings inside. Traditional stools and chairs made of rattan are kept on the veranda for enjoying the view of the lake. Also, hammocks are provided for relaxing.

Inside a room of Loktak Floating Aquamarine Floating Homestay
The room decor is simple yet elegant.

Apart from rooms, tents are available in the homestay for those in the mood for camping.
Additionally, there is a rooftop seating area above one of the cottages. It is perfect for watching the sunset.

Amenities available at the homestay: As mentioned earlier, the amenities available in this homestay are basic. However, there is a family of 2 brothers in the homestay, who take care of all the essentials satisfactorily.

  • The rooms are clean and hygienic. The beds are akin to Japanese futons. They are spread deftly on the floor.
  • There is one common bathroom along with loo. Running water is available
  • Clean drinking water is also at hand.
  • Electricity is available.
  • Though there are no plug points inside the rooms, an extension cord is provided in the common area. Mobile phones, cameras and such can be charged from there.
  • The local people take care of the food, housekeeping, boat rides etc. Thambalsana and Jugin looks after the cottages and arranges the cooking and serving of food. Mangolei and Basanta takes care of the boating services. They are quite efficient in their duties and always ready to help with smile. However, they are not versed in Hindi or English. Accordingly, communication needs to be made through smile and sign language.
Enjoying tea
The veranda of cottage is perfect for enjoying tea and views of the lake.

Homestay’s food:

The homestay dishes out freshly prepared, home-cooked Manipuri food. The food is lip-smacking. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available here. We had toasted bread, omelet, and fruits for breakfast. Dinner consisted of rice, pulses, ‘eromba’, a dish of fermented fish, chicken, ‘papad’ and salad. Additionally, tea is served twice. We had tea once with breakfast and then in the evening (along with some fryums). Also, brownie points for the homestay for serving the food beautifully on circular trays made of cane.

Tea and fryums
Lemongrass tea and colorful fryums were served on our arrival.
Manipuri traditional dinner
Dinner served at the homestay.

What is the expense of Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay:

The floating homestay charges INR 1200 per person per day. This includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, and boating (pick up and drop).

How to book a room in the Floating Homestay:

Bookings can be made from https://sangai-moonlight-camping.business.site/ . Also, Ashok can be reached through his Instagram handles at https://www.instagram.com/sangai_moonlight_camping/ and https://www.instagram.com/loktakaquamarine/ . Ashok can also be reached directly by phone at 8014921286 and 76299946115.

View from a room of the homestay
The phumdis are well visible from the window of one of the cottages.

Nearby attractions:

Check out our blog on Loktak Lake for information on nearby attractions here.

The entrance
The experience here has been surreal.

The Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay is a wonderful concoction of the concept of responsible tourism and the art of slow living. It provides an escape from the hustles of our daily lives. The care with which the homestay deals with its guests is commendable. This retreat to nature is a must-visit while traveling in Manipur.

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