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It isn’t every day that you get to sleep at a place that is over 300 years old. Neemrana’s The Tower House in Fort Kochi assures such an unforgettable experience to guests. The Tower House is one of the popular getaways that sum up Neemrana’s heritage tourism projects in different parts of India.

Our stay at The Tower House was one of our best experiences during our visit to Kerala. Here’s a detailed summary of what we loved there.

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Tower House reading room
Reading at one of the comfy corners of The Tower House.

The Location:

The Tower House Hotel is centrally located in the Vasco da Gama Square of Fort Kochi. It stands just opposite to the Chinese fishing nets.

untitled 112852
The Reception.

The History:

The Tower House has been renovated from an age-old edifice, which dates back to the 17th century. A lighthouse is believed to have stood vigil at this very spot, with cannonballs being fired at intruders from its bastion. The twin house rather resembles a ship. In fact, boats used to arrive during high tides and rested downstairs in its stable and dry dock.

untitled 6685 Edit
The second floor accommodates all the living rooms.

As you tread on its creaky wooden stairs and floors, you will hark back to the olden days of seafaring, adventurous sailors and traders, boasting about their swashbuckling adventures over countless jugs of rum.

untitled 6687 Edit
The drawing room is decorated impeccably.

The Rooms:

For booking rooms, visit https://www.neemranahotels.com/the-tower-house-cochin-kerala/ .There are 15 aesthetically decorated rooms in The Tower House:

  1. Mascarenhas
  2. Menezes
  3. Albuquerque
  4. Moens
  5. Wayermah
  6. Breekopt
  7. Mossel
  8. Mateu
  9. Noronha
  10. Braganza
  11. 11. Pacheo
  12. Souza
  13. Cunes
  14. Vaz
  15. Cohen

The rooms are of various sizes and guests are allotted rooms as per their requirements. Most of the rooms are spacious with four-poster beds. All modern, basic amenities are present in the rooms. However, rooms do not have television sets, as part of following the philosophy of heritage tourism. The rooms provide views of the garden or the sea, depending upon their location.

Cunes Room
The private verandah adjoining our room.

We stayed at the Cunes room, which is painted white and the furnishings are mostly in soft, pastel hues. It is located on the first floor and provided with a private verandah which faces the garden and the swimming pool.

Cunes Room
Our room, Cunes.
Tower House pool
The pool side.

The Decors:

The Tower House has been furnished and decorated in such a manner to exude the old world charm. The reception, rooms, and halls have been embellished with carefully curated antique and intricately designed furniture. The walls are adorned with various, astonishing paintings and photographs, which may well be regarded as objet d’art. They range from paintings of the last Tzar of Russia and his family to photograph of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. The bookshelves have books of diverse tastes, along with the current issues of numerous national and international magazines. You may well spend hours exploring the nook and crannies of this hotel.

Reading room two
The reading room.
untitled 090305
The Tower House has an exquisite collection of decorative pieces made of brass.
Untitled 3
Walls of Tower House are filled with such beautiful portraits.
untitled 112625 Edit
One of the cozy corners of The Tower House.

The Food:

The Tower House provides complimentary breakfast to its guests. The breakfast spread, though minimal, is hearty and filling.

The food served in the restaurant focuses on local cuisine, mainly focusing on seafood and meats. The food is excellent.

Kerala Parotta on our plates.

The Nearby Attractions:

The Tower House is conveniently located. As you walk out of the hotel, the ever-bustling Vasco da Gama Square will greet you. The rows of Chinese Fishing Nets are just a stone’s throw from here. The Indo-Portuguese Museum, St. Francis Museum, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Paradesi Synagogue, and Mattancherry Palace are all located barely within a 30-minute radius of Tower House.

Chinese fishing net
Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi.
untitled 6666
Street scenes near The Tower House.
untitled 6662
Graffiti on the walls.
untitled 6661
From street with love.

That’s all you need to know about the excellent Neemrana’s The Tower House. If you are heading to Cochin next, book a room here, immerse yourself in its fanciful ambience, catch the sunset on the Arabian Sea from one of its verandahs. Who knows? You may eavesdrop on one of the many seafaring stories retold by the evening sea breeze for the nth time.

untitled 6700
Writing at the favorite nook.

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