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Deo Bagh: A Blissful Stay in Gwalior

Aeons ago, Neemrana’s Deo Bagh served as a summer escapade for the Maratha Jadhav family of Gwalior. Today, it has been revamped as a luxurious heritage hotel, where the past and the present are happily married. Deo Bagh is located right at the heart of a raucous Gwalior. However, once you go past its entrance, you step into an altogether different world. As soon as you step inside the premise of Deo Bagh, the blaring cacophony of the bustling city gets instantly muted and replaced by peacocks’ calls. While the lush greenery of Deo Bagh’s surroundings is a treat to the eyes and a cure to the weary heart, the timeless architecture and vintage decor take you back to the bygone era. 

Deo Bagh
Morning scenes in Neemrana’s Deo Bagh.

Where is Deo Bagh located:

Neemrana’s Deo Bagh is located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It lies 5.7 km away from Gwalior’s railway station.

History of Deo Bagh:

The rich history of Deo Bagh dates back to the 1500s when the Mughal army had once set up camp in the ‘Char Bagh’ which spread around a 36-pillared pavilion or ‘Chhattis dari’. Later, the Jadhavs, one of the 5 most prominent Maratha families of erstwhile Gwalior, established their ‘jagirdari’ in this area. Sardar Deorao Bhausaheb Jadhav and his son Sardar Krishnarao Deorao Jadhav renovated this ‘Bagh’ as a summer retreat, and thus the Deo Bagh came into being. The Deo Bagh has been inhabited by five generations of the Jadhav family. Even now, the family resides here in one of the secluded sections of the Deo Bagh.

Deo Bagh at night
Even at night, Deo Bagh looks stunning.

About Deo Bagh:

Deo Bagh is the perfect, premium heritage ‘non-hotel’ hotel, characteristic of the brand of Neemrana  Hotels. Several instances exist where the heritage facets of property go down the drain during renovation in order to make way for contemporary comforts. But, not here in Deo Bagh. Not only does Deo Bagh house architecture remains of the 17th-18th centuries, but it has also put a great deal of effort into their upkeep. Two Maratha temples, two ornate ‘Chhatris’ or cenotaphs, and a ‘Baradari’ with 36 arched gateways have been well preserved here, thus making Deo Bagh an exceptional heritage property of India.

20221006 065352
The Nau Bagh is always shipshape.

Surrounded by unkempt wilderness and sprawled across a well-manicured Nau Bagh, this garden palace is a treat to the eyes. In spite of being a world-class hotel, the Deo Bagh authority has retained the greenery and even conserved many centuries-old trees. Rare trees such as Sita Ashoka, White Bahunia, and many exotic mango trees thrive here. Along with ornamental, colourful flowers and shrubs, there are fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, and herb fields. In addition to maintaining a green environment, they also provide fresh and organic produce to Deo Bagh’s kitchen.

Wilderness in Deo Bagh
The tousled wilderness is one of the USPs of Deo Bagh.
Flowers in Deo Bagh
Vibrant flowers in the garden.

Moreover, such a cornucopia of vegetation has resulted in an abundance of birds, squirrels, and porcupines, thereby forging Deo Bagh into a peaceful retreat in the lap of nature. Here, peacocks’ squawks serve as a wake-up call in the morning and breakfast in the garden is complemented by the frolicking squirrels and mongooses. Tweets of birds and romps of porcupines and squirrels will keep you company throughout the day. 

Peacocks roaming in Deo Bagh
Peacocks prancing on the lawn.

Built in a Mughal-Maratha fusion style, Deo Bagh is brimming with old-world charm and vintage aesthetics as well as modern amenities and gracious hospitality. It is one of those rare stays where history, heritage, architecture, and nature have admirably mingled.

The Baradari of Deo Bagh
The Baradari at night.
Beautiful stay
Night lights brightening up the heritage hotel.

Rooms in Deo Bagh:

There are 3 suites and 12 rooms spread across 5 wings overlooking the Nau Bagh. Each room comes with its own portico, fashioned in Mughal style and provided with sitting benches.

20221006 090226
Our room with the charming portico.

The rooms are tastefully furnished and decked with minimal decor. The furniture is a blend of antique and modern styles. Sustainability is the key in interior decoration and there is zero plastic usage.

20221005 204535
The decor is a mix of minimal and vintage choices.
20221005 204601
Inside the room.

Food in Deo Bagh:

The gastronomical experience adds another layer to the overall experience of Deo Bagh. Though there is a dining hall, you can request the courteous staff to serve you food in the garden or in the Baradari.

22 10 06 MP22 1170
The restaurant of Deo Bagh.

In addition to the usual North Indian and Continental fares, you can ask for traditional Maratha cuisines such as Mandodari Daal, Bharbat Mutton, and Bharti Vangi. The breakfast buffet spread is equally fantastic.

20221005 213025 e1692602351357
Food at Deo Bagh.

Meals are served with utmost care and the attendants are always ears to even your smallest needs. Needless to say, the taste of each food item is outstanding.

Things to do in Deo Bagh:

Deo Bagh is an experience in itself.

  • Sit on the porch and enjoy the peacocks prancing on the lawn while relishing your morning cuppa.
  • Take a stroll around the lawn and venture inside the groves for a relaxed morning walk.
  • Visit the Chhatri of Sardar Deorao Jadhav, which has exquisite carvings on its outer walls.
  • Pay a visit to the Jadhav family temple.
  • Relax in the Baradari and soak in the serenity of Deo Bagh.
  • Deo Bagh is inhabited by as many as 30 species of birds including some 40 peacocks. So, grab your binoculars for some exciting birdwatching.
  • Enjoy your high tea on the lawn with peacocks for company.
  • Savour the traditional Maratha cuisine in the restaurant with Hindusthani Classical tunes playing in the back.
20221006 072817
Enjoying the morning cuppa.

Our Experience at Deo Bagh:

As a sucker for heritage hotels and a fan of Neemrana’s hospitality, Deo Bagh featured on our bucket list for a long time. We finally stayed here during our Madhya Pradesh trip.

Deo Bagh provided a relaxing refuge to us after a whirlwind road trip across the Khajuraho – Orchha circuit. Apart from the regal experience, we got ourselves engrossed in its tranquillity, which was a welcoming escape from the humdrum of routine life. The rooms, food, and ambience – are all worth every penny in Deo Bagh.

Deo Bagh at night
The stay at Deo Bagh is memorable mostly because of the signature Neemrana’s hospitality.

The whole experience of Deo Bagh can well be compared with chocolate melting in your mouth. You savour every bit of your time in Deo Bagh and rack up fond memories to cherish later as a sweet aftertaste.

Relaxing in Deo Bagh
Relaxing on the lawn after a day trip to Morena.

Important FAQs:

How can I book rooms at Neemrana’s Deo Bagh:

You can visit the official website of Neemrana’s Hotels for booking a stay at Deo Bagh.

What is the room rent at Deo Bagh:

The price of a room starts here from INR 6,500 per night.

22 10 07 MP22 1215 2
Morning Glory drenched in rain.

How can I reach Deo Bagh:

Gwalior’s Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Airport is well-connected with important cities. Gwalior’s rail station is one of the important stations in central India, and therefore you can reach here from any part of India via train. 

Morning scenes from Deo Bagh
Truck load of memories in Deo Bagh.

Which other places in Gwalior are worth visiting:

Visit the magnificent Gwalior Fort, Jay Vilas Palace, Tansen Ka Maqbara, Tomb of Muhammad Gauss, and so on. For a detailed itinerary of Gwalior, check our blog here.

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